Project Description

The Columbus effects over cholesterol:

  • + 8% HDL-C

  • Maintenance of Total Cholesterol level

The consumption of two Columbus eggs per day versus two standard eggs by 23 healthy students showed an increase in plasma omega-3 in the Columbus group and an improvement in HDL / CT and HDL / LDL ratios. This resulted from decreased blood TG and increase in HDL-C, with stable total cholesterol (CT) and LDL-C. Such results were not observed in the case for standard eggs consumption.

These results demonstrate that the cholesterolic properties of chicken eggs can be influenced by altering the fatty acid profile of egg yolk.

Reference : Jiang, Z., Sim, J.S., 1993. Consumption of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid-enriched eggs and changes in plasma lipids of human subjects. Nutrition 9, 513–518.


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