Improve your health
through nutrition

A real difference

Columbus offers natural foods, from eco-agricultural origins,
whose health benefits have been scientifically proven.

Five independent clinical studies have demonstrated real health benefits of the regular use of Columbus products compared to other competing products. Among others, Columbus products have improved cholesterol level, blood sugar level and blood pressure.

Recently, Columbus has also developed a range of pork meats and delicatessen, following the same principle as eggs. The nutritional values of Columbus meat and delicacies are therefore much better than the competing products, which gives a flavourful and better meat for your health.

Columbus products have unique nutritional values! Eating Columbus can significantly improve your health while remaining tasteful pleasures!

This result is achieved through an adapted animal feed, 100% vegetal and natural. This patented food has been developed in partnership with several universities. Discover the Columbus concept.

Consuming Columbus means contributing to our 6 commitments to support agriculture, sustainable development and animal and human health.

The unique composition of Columbus products makes them ideal partners at every stage of life. Discover the many benefits for you and your loved ones.

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