Project Description

From the age of 8 months, the baby can already eat cooked egg yolk. Fortunately, it is this part of the Columbus eggs that contains all the omega-3 of the egg, necessary for the optimal development of its brain and the maturation of its optic nerves.

At 12 months, the child can eat whole eggs well cooked. It will find in Columbus eggs an ideal source of protein for its development and growth. Egg white proteins are considered to be the best proteins for humans, and therefore for the baby.

The 3 key points

  • Develop its brain optimally.

  • Support the maturation of its optic nerves.

  • Allowing it to grow healthy.

Why Columbus?

The Columbus egg naturally contains 15 times more omega-3 than a normal egg, and at least 4 times more omega-3 than an omega-3 egg. Thus, a Columbus egg brings about 80% of the recommended daily intakes of omega-3 and DHA.

The difference in composition of the Columbus egg does not stop there, since it contains 10 times more vitamin E and 3 times more selenium, which are many essential elements for the child.

  The Columbus tip


  • ​8 months: add a cooked egg yolk crushed in vegetables
  • 9-12 months: replace the meat or fish with ½ whole egg (cooked in omelette for example)

The raw or uncooked egg whites remain to be avoided, as they are not easily digested.

Wait at least 12 months in case of allergy.

Learn More

The child’s brain continues to mature after birth. This process requires large amounts of omega-3s.

In the family of omega-3, DHA is essential to the maturation of the nervous system, in particular to manufacture the myelin sheath of the neurons. Present in breastmilk or in fortified infant formulas, its presence must be guaranteed by diversifying your baby’s diet.


DHA is not found in all foods. Absent vegetable oils, even those rich in other omega-3 fatty acids, DHA is found in large quantities in fatty fish for example. But also in Columbus eggs, especially in the yolk.

By introducing a yolk of a Columbus egg cooked (crushed and mixed with vegetables) into a baby’s diet, you will bring 75% of the DHA it needs per day. A regular supply of Columbus egg yolks (two or three times a week), supplemented by small fatty fish such as sardines or anchovies (once or twice a week) provides an ideal supply of omega-3. The quality of omega-3 Columbus eggs is preserved during cooking.