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Natural products, delicious and good for your health.

A real know-how

Through a simple adaptation of the food we give to our animals,
we obtain products with exceptional nutritional values.

This feed is of course 100% natural and vegetal.


The Columbus egg is good for your health, as it is scientifically proven by clinical studies. It comes from local farms, guaranteeing animal welfare and ensuring a higher income for farmers.

  • 5 independent clinical studies have demonstrated significant effects on cholesterol, circulating fats, blood pressure and blood sugar.

  • Columbus eggs are the result of a 100% natural and vegetable diet of chickens, developed by universities and patented.

  • More omega-3 than a standard egg. As much as 15 standard eggs, or 40 grams of salmon. An egg Columbus is 80% of your daily intake of omega-3!



Just like eggs, Columbus pork is a healthy meat containing up to 10x more omega-3, 100% natural and originates only from Walloon farms.

  • 10x more omega-3, to ensure all the health benefits associated with eggs.
  • Pigs guaranteed 100% without antibiotics throughout their lives.
  • Cooked by more than 60 chefs, including some starred ones.


The Columbus delicacies are entirely produced by Belgian artisants, according to recipes that preserve the amounts in omega-3 and other fatty acids.

  • More than 18 different kinds of delicacies, to suit all tastes.

  • A balance of fatty acids preserved thanks to the recipes.
  • 100% of the health benefits associated with Columbus pork.

Do you want a balanced diet?

Because healthy eating is the key to good health, fill up with good advices!


Where can I find Columbus products?

Columbus eggs are sold in all major supermarket in Belgium.

Cora and Mestdagh also offer pork and delicatessen.

Columbus Delhaize
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columbus match
Columbus Intermarché
Columbus Cloruyt
Columbus Délitraiteur
Columbus Carrefour
Columbus Cora

Restaurants using Columbus products

Many restaurants use Columbus products for their quality and taste.
Discover restaurants in your area!